How Do I Register a Domain Name?
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whether you have the next great business idea or just a ‘gleam of the eye’ idea, it’s not a bad idea to register a domain name so that your intellectual property is protected. 

So, just how do you register (or the domain of your choosing)?

The way that this process works is that you purchase a domain (or domains) from a domain registrar. There are hundreds of reputable domain registrars and thousands (if not tens of thousands) of domain resellers in the market today. However, AI Software endorses GoDaddy as the best option for domain registration, and this blog will inform you on how to secure the domain of your choice through this service.

First, you need to think of the domain name!

OK, I can’t help you with this, however, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already thought of the domain. Remember, the Internet grows exponentially every day, so you’re going to need to check to see if your desired domain is available first.

OK, how do I check availability?

To check availability of a domain, visit You will see (in the page) the image shown below:


Type in your desired domain, choose the extension (such as: .com, .info, .net, etc.) and click ‘GO’.


Unfortunately, many .com domains are not available, so, you may need to pick a variation. Before abandoning a .com, check on some variations. If you run into trouble, check out our blog article on how to pick a domain name – HERE.

Once you’ve found a domain name that you are comfortable with, click ‘Add’ and continue through the checkout procedure and you have secured the domain name for the amount of time that you choose during checkout.

If you’re uncomfortable going through this process, AI Software can help you (as well as manage the domain going forward). Don’t worry, if you ever want to transfer it to a personal or business account, we can help with that also!

Send us an email if you need help or would like more information!

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