Do’s & Don’ts of your WEB PRESENCE
Monday, June 11, 2012

Here at AI Software, Inc. we often hear

'I don't know what I don't know'

It's difficult to follow the changing landscape of the Internet Marketing world and for this reason, we are happy to give you some Do's & Don'ts about:


DO | Hire a professional team that has personnel dedicated to each individual portion of your website.

DON'T | Don't hire a single-person shop, it is impossible for a 'one-man-show' to design, develop, optimize and manage a web presence effectively.

DO | Make sure your web provider includes a content management system (CMS) so that your staff can make updates without incurring additional fees and waiting for simple and important updates.

DON'T | Hire a firm that wants monthly retainers because they do not offer you the ability to update and manage your own content. Maintenance fees are OK, but having the ability to manage content on you own is a must.

DO | When looking for SEO services, make sure your company can show examples of their work. It is very simple to ask a vendor to do a Google search and display results they have gotten for their clients.

DON'T | Hire a 'SEO Expert' based on certifications. These 'consultants' are not programmers and have little knowledge of how algorithms actually work. They also typically lack knowledge and ability for technical SEO and will not be able to show you any examples of their work.

DO | Hire web development professionals for your web presence.

DON'T | Hire a 'general IT guy' to do your network, phones, web development. It is impossible for a single person to provide all IT functions well in today's marketplace.

DO | Purchase every domain available that represents you brand - even vanity URLs such as ''. Include misspellings.

DON'T | Miss opportunities because someone mistypes a URL or cannot find your organization online.

DO | Choose URLs that are easy to remember such as

DON'T | Choose URLs that are relevant but hard to remember and likely to be mistyped in a browser.

DO | Hire AI Software to put your web presence together.

DON'T | Hire another firm ;)

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