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Because AI Software started from humble roots (an apartment in Cincinnati in 2003), our leaders understand that your website creation and strategic Internet marketing is a part of business that must fit into an appropriate budget in order to create success for the organizations we serve.

The standard model in the website design industry is to create ‘retainers’ that sometimes offer discounts on hourly billing, but at the end of the day – the industry standard is an hourly billing rate for website management.

In 2011, AI Software proved that technology is not the only area in which we can innovate when we created a fixed-price billing model; here’s how it happened...

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Fixed Rate vs. Hourly Billing

Having serving clients for nearly a decade, it became apparent that conflicts would arise when clients would receive invoices for services rendered. No one was right or wrong here, it was just the way things were done. AI completed requests and sent an invoice for the time it took to complete the requests. Doing things this way created a few problems:

  1. It is difficult to plan for variable expenses.
  2. It is difficult to know how long something may take.
  3. Clients stop asking for innovation because of the potential variable expenses.
  4. Nobody feels good about this arrangement, nobody wins.

AI Software solved the problem with the introduction of FlexSite CMS and our predictable (fixed) billing model. Here's how it works:

  • All websites are built on FlexSite CMS and because of the live updates, the software is never out of date.
  • All clients & team members are welcome to submit upgrade suggestions that go into a queue and are built into the system on a periodic basis.
  • Our clients help AI Software by providing suggestions and system upgrades and in return, they get access to these system upgrades as part of their website.
  • Based on the support plan you choose, you'll pay a fixed monthly fee that entitles you to the full use of those services. Should you choose to add an additional services for a single occasion, we are glad to accommodate your request for an additional fee.

What was "I am afraid to ask for new features" has become "This system is outstanding." The environment provides collaborative efforts on the continuous improvement and support of your web presence and strategic internet marketing plan.

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