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AI Software was founded in 2003 in Cincinnati, Ohio and focused on building websites and custom software products for businesses of all types. Back then, the Internet landscape looked a lot different than it does in 2017. Nobody had a Facebook page, social media was limited to an ‘up and coming’ website known as MySpace and search engine optimization was simple (and something you did only once per website).

At the inception of AI Software, websites were still being built in products like MS Frontpage & DreamWeaver. Most people hadn’t heard of Content Management Systems – but AI Software had one of the best. . . . SiteManager v.1.0.

This product provided users the ability to manage their own web content through a secure, user friendly, web-based portal – commonplace in today’s market, this functionality was rare in 2003.

Building on the goal of coupling the best available web platform with brilliant website design, AI Software has grown and adapted to the times.

The most recent and valuable adaptation was the creation and launch of FlexSite CMS – the last website design upgrade you will ever need. Building on over a decade of experience, AI Software created FlexSite CMS. The FlexSite CMS system is a secure, cutting-edge website management tool that boasts a live update system. This means that new updates are deployed to the system 1-2 times each month making sure the system is never out of date.

This system has provided untold value to AI Software clients. In addition to always having the most current functionality available on the web, our clients sleep easy knowing that their website does not have to be upgraded every 2-3 years.

The value of innovation started in 2003 and will serve as a core value for AI Software now and in the future.

Managing the Ever Changing World of Website Creation

The only constant in the world of website creation is change – and this industry changed greatly around 2006. In the early days, one only need put up a website, add some keywords and titles and then go back to work. Social media and the competitive world of search engine optimization changed (and continue to change) everything.

After launching the FlexSite CMS platform (to rave reviews from our clients), AI Software led the charge for comprehensive, affordable strategic Internet marketing services – to help our clients compete the laborious world of what happens after website creation . . . management of the web presence.

As the world of website creation and Internet marketing gets more complex, AI Software promises to simplify the experience while providing unmatched customer service and outstanding results!

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