Creating a Successful Web Presence

Organizations measure success of a web presence in a number of different ways. A decade ago, success was defined as increase in the amount of traffic to a website. That definition may describe success to some organizations today - but with the multitude of tools available in today's Internet environment, we can look at success in a number of different ways.

Here are a few examples of how AI Software has assisted clients in creating a successful web presence!


AI Software took over the web presence for a large regional supplier of building materials. This organization required a larger footprint on the Internet in order to compete with large national brands (one is orange and starts with "HOME"). The team at AIS built an outstanding web presence and executed an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) campaign that got this client ranked above national brands in the markets that they serve.

Evans Landscaping


A client charged AI Software with the task of integrating a national property database into a simple and effective web presence that would assist in the deposition and leasing of properties nationwide (under the national brand). The team at AIS was able to seamlessly integrate the property database into the public (and mobile) web presence to showcase the inventory online.

Kroger Real Estate


AI Software accepted the challenge of integrating a proprietary inventory management system into a public-facing (closed B2B) website showcasing nearly 10,000 unique products. In order to accomplish this task, the team at AIS brought together information from three unique systems to produce an online store that showcases the products in similar fashion to the nation's largest online retailers. The products are now sold online through an outstanding web presence that is also available through a cutting-edge mobile / tablet platform.



AI Software scored a touchdown when Prolanthropy needed a system to serve the needs of philanthropic organizations run by pro athletes (and managed by Prolanthropy). Because of the FlexSite CMS, AI Software was able to create a family of websites that share the same features but have a unique look and feel. Prolanthropy manages the organizations, AI Software manages the web presence.



Not all websites exist solely to drive sales. AI Software answered the call to build a web presence in which the main focus was recruitment of top talent. Top recruits will need to see an outstanding website when they visit, but first - they need to be found. In addition to building an outstanding web presence and utilizing the AIS executive search engine optimization (SEO) program, AIS also set up a geo-fencing program that geographically targets the persons of interest where they work.

Osborne Logistics


Some organizations market brands that are as recognizable or more recognizable than their own. When this is the case, a single website is not enough. The dedicated team at AI Software worked with KOST USA to build an outstanding web presence for the parent company as well as micro sites for some of the nationally recognized brands that they produce.


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