There is no I in TEAM, but there is an A TEAM at AI

Ready to Help Design, Develop, Optimize, Socialize and Support Your Web Presence

Account Representative

I'm your ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE and I have helped you find the best, most qualified company to help with your web presence. We are grateful to be serving your organization. Thank you for trusting us with your project!


Good to meet you. I am a JOURNALIST. I joined AI Software to make sure your online copy & content is special & relevant. I'm looking forward to crafting web and social content that fits your strategy. Cheers!

Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm your GRAPHIC DESIGNER and I'm going to make sure that you have a unique, one-of-a-kind web layout that speaks to the diversity that makes your organization special. We don't use templates, so rest assured that your web design will be "YOURS" - not "boiler plate."

Content Publisher

Hey there, I'm your CONTENT PUBLISHER. You will interact with me a lot. I'm the person that makes sure all the graphics and copy get published to the Internet. I'll make sure you get what you need done - FAST. Call or email me if you need something!


Greetings, I am your DEVELOPER. I'll be the one that takes your unique design and applies it to our web platform. I'll make sure that you have the most feature-rich product available today - AND - in the future through our live update platform! Gotta get back to work... more features are coming!

Marketing Strategist

Let's do this right! I'm a MARKETING STRATEGIST who specializes in making sure the team provided is the correct group of professionals to help take your web presence to the next level. Another responsibility I have is building an effective plan and making sure we execute properly.

When you partner with AI Software, you enlist the aid of a team of individuals who enjoy what they do and are eager to take your web presence to new heights. We will guide you through each step of the process:

  • Determining your wants, needs, and dreams for your new site and overall web marketing strategy
  • Creating compelling, relevant graphics and content for your site
  • Developing a unique web design that is easy to use and engages visitors
  • Managing your site and social media channels after launch

Though our employees average 20 years of experience in their fields of expertise, we are most effective because of our approach:

  • Collaboration - Ever worked with people who didn't communicate with each other? At AI Software you'll find that the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. We work together for our sake and yours.
  • Availability - While we can be pretty busy sometimes, we are hardly elusive. In addition to our Help Desk, our clients have the phone number and email address of an actual person who can answer questions and provide feedback.
  • Transparency - There is no magic behind the curtain. Our team will keep you informed every step along the way. We even have some pretty cool reporting tools to let you see your site's SEO progress after it launches.
  • Innovation - You've probably noticed that innovation is important to us. Our team is encouraged to learn and grow, think outside the box, or throw the box out altogether. When we focus on innovation instead of inhibition, we discover a wealth of possibilities.

Two letters can make a big difference for your web presence... MAKE THOSE LETTERS "AI"

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