A Brief Overview of SIRI- An Artificial Intelligence Phenomenon
Monday, February 26, 2018

Artificial intelligence means to program machines and electronic devices to think and behave like human beings to the greatest extent. More commonly known as AI, it is one of the most remarkable technological advancements in the last decade. The virtual intelligence system has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives.

Today, we can easily find impressions of AI in almost every electronic device around us. We see robotic machines replacing human activity in services like fire fighting. The incorporation of technology in dangerous jobs reduces chances of human harm. Apart from public services, even our daily lives have been impacted by AI in way or another. For example, kitchen appliances like garbage compactors have built-in artificial intelligence that reduces the need for human instruction.


Along with the above AI influences, the most common application of artificial intelligence is its implementation in mobile phones. Mobile phone giant Apple was the first to equip their cell phone ’iPhone’ with an automated artificial intelligence technology. The implementation of artificial intelligence in mobile phones made life easier for people in this fast paced world. Mobile phone users can now book a cab and an appointment simultaneously by just commanding these softwares.

The Apple AI known as Siri is a voice and speech recognition invention. Siri is able to communicate with the user and acts as their personal assistant. The virtual assistant is able to perform simple cell phone tasks like deleting pictures and videos or playing music. It can also make calls and appointments on behalf of the user. However, these were only the basic abilities that came along with the first ever Siri in iPhone 4s.

Emotional Intelligence

As iPhone developed over the years so did Siri, who is now smart enough to talk to the user using emotional intelligence. The technology has enabled the voice command application to understand human language, decode it to binary terms and reply. For example, it can now provide accurate location details and personalized restaurant suggestions to the user.

Several recent advancements have made Siri less monotonous and today it can understand hundreds of different languages. The speech interface can answer queries depicting different moods like sadness, happiness and annoyance. Apple has also facilitated Siri to be more spontaneous making it more users customized. That’s why no two users can get the same answer for a similar personal query.

Influence on Popular Culture

The ability of answering personal queries and relating to each user on a more personal level is an astonishing advancement. This artificial verbal communication feature was the central plot of Oscar winning movie ‘Her’ that extensively explored the world of artificial intelligence through a Siri like voice operating intelligence system.

Although the technology has several unique benefits, it is still doubted by many people who have raised security concerns about Siri. Nevertheless, seeing the increasing demand and use of the technology, it won’t be wrong to assume that Siri like applications are soon to become a major part of our lives

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