Fundamentals of Website Design
Friday, July 27, 2018

Let’s try an easy test- search Google about something and click on the link that appears to have the answer to what you’re looking for. On that website, is it easy to find the information or are you facing trouble? How long is it taking to find useful information? Are you able to easily navigate the website?

If you’re able to find what you are looking for easily, it means that the website has been well designed, keeping usability in view. On the other hand, if it is hard to navigate the website and find what you are searching for then it means that the design is inappropriate.
There are several factors that should be kept in mind when designing a website and we’ll highlight the most important ones to help you see if your website is designed to meet the requirements of a user.

1. Navigation

As you might have realized from the test, the most important aspect of a website design is navigation. Navigation can make or break your website, especially if there are several web pages with sub-sections. Good navigation is important to ensure that users are able to find what they’re looking for and can travel easily through the whole website.

Sometimes web designers focus so much on fancy typefaces and design that they forget about navigation. Although the design and look of your website are important, you should never sacrifice navigation for the sake of appearance.

2. Brand Identity

The logo of your company, brand message and imagery used for advertisement should be leveraged in the design of your website. Your customers should recognize your brand and that’s only possible when you keep your identity identical across all platforms. Often when visual identities are changed, customers feel uncomfortable and it becomes hard for them to recognize your brand.

3. Reading Patterns

Have you noticed how websites are designed to be read like a book? From left to right, top to bottom, yeah? That’s because people find it more comfortable to read a web page this way. The message’s that most important is displayed in the upper left corner. This helps in getting the message across to the audience more effectively.

Apart from making it more comfortable to read, these placements also help in improving search engine optimization (SEO). When important keywords are placed in these locations, search engines are able to look into your website more easily. This improves the ranking of your website and increases the overall visibility.

4. Content

Just designing the website and leaving it as it is without updating the content will make your website a barren wasteland. Not only should your website list all the services your business offers and describe it in detail, but new content should be posted regularly to attract more customers. In the new content, you can strategically place keywords for SEO and optimize your website to show up on the first page of Google.

Observing all these elements in website design is important, if you wish to generate more traffic on your website. At aisoftware, our web designers have years of experience in designing websites and they’ll make sure all these elements are covered on your website. If you have already designed your website, but it isn’t generating the traffic you require, we can help you optimize it. Contact us any time you need help.

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