Going Mobile: Addressing the Elephant in the Room
Friday, October 19, 2018

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

—Wendy Piersall

In a world dominated by the internet and mobile phones, it is hard not to get caught up in the midst of these wars to gain the biggest piece of the pie. Having a website that pops up instantly on Google takes a lot more than just creative designing and efforts online. A lot of these efforts have to be off line as well, for example effective marketing and product quality checks. Online efforts, however, are not to be compromised.

One of the leading trends in web development is going mobile, i.e. developing mobile friendly versions of your website. Why go through the entire hassle and extra spending? Well, here are the answers:

Ease of Access

Today’s generation is increasingly ditching laptops in favor of cell phones because they’re almost as powerful now as the computers, offering functions that make the use of a bulky device such as a laptop almost unnecessary. In these times, having your content accessible to users on the go is a bonus that has no parallel.

It is, however important to state the fact that your product or service has to be something that a user might require to know about on the go. Having a mobile friendly version of your website in this case let’s you rake in customers that your competitors might be missing out on.

Improve Customer Service

A mobile friendly website can allow you to get user feedback in real time and with ease. This can then instantly be used to improve the overall experience or grant pre sales or post sales service. Effective response on the go can build customer credibility and loyalty. These traits can go a long way.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Google has started ‘discriminating’ against website not having a mobile friendly version available. The search engine grants rating points for websites that are accessible on the go and therefore they show higher in search results than the ones that don’t. This can be a huge drawback if you’re not available in mobile friendly format because most people these days are online on the go.

Faster Load Times

Mobile phones, no matter how powerful, are still smaller than a desktop or laptop. Evidently then, a mobile version of a website has a smaller interface and fewer content. So at the end of the day it loads faster than typical websites. This is another advantage because today’s generation is extremely impatient. A few seconds are enough for them to ditch your website for another one.

Adobe has a tool called PhoneGap that allows you to simply take your website and convert it into a mobile application quite easily. With impressive advantages like allowing easier access, improving customer service, showing up higher in searches and faster loading times, going mobile friendly is an investment of resources that is worth making.

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